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Muscle Mass BuildingYou benefit from you muscle building in ways such as your increased strength, resistance to any kind of injuries as well as a higher metabolism. However sometimes, despite you staying with your diligent training program, the progress is not obvious and comes to a halt. And you often feel tired and fatigued. You just don’t know how to conquer those difficulties. But you still see your strength is growing as well as your muscles are developing, and you are in a plateau in muscle building. The problem is just your concerns that the progress is too slow.

How to conquer those difficulties so as to increase the amount of muscle mass? Here is a list of the relevant knowledge you could think about to change or improve your program.

Your diet plan

Your muscles require a sufficient amount of nutrients to build strength. Do you have a well-balanced diet plan? How many meals do you eat per day? What about your breakfast? Do you skip it? A poor diet is a chief culprit. You need to eat frequently, but not junk food. You need to add the following ingredients to your daily diet plan.

Lean meats – chicken, beef and lamb for example. They give you sufficient protein because muscle mass requires them to grow muscle tissue. If you don’t eat the lean meats enough, your muscles are lacking nutrients and the growth will be affected and will slow down.

In the meantime, you also need to eat foods containing starch carbohydrates such as pasta, brown rice and spaghetti so as to gain enough calories per day.


Although muscle building really takes time, you can’t overtrain your muscles. The overtraining behaviour only plays a negative effect on your muscles and you might hurt your muscle tissue. If it really occurs, you have to take an interval training routine to give your muscles a break to recover.

Do you sometimes feel dehydrated?

You need to develop a habit to drink a certain amount of water to add the lost fluid back into your body. Because when you do weight lifting exercises at the gym, your body is sweating and all toxins are being flushed out of your body. In order to keep your body hydrated, you must drink water. The toxins will be continuously flushed out of your body, such as excessive fat via your sweating. Water also keeps your skin, the protector outside your muscles, protecting your muscles. And your muscles look firm and solid.

A poor sleep routine also affects your muscle building progress

Did you know that your lack of sleep also affects your muscle building? When you do a muscle building program at the gym, you always stop and rest; you can’t manage to consistently continue your program, you always gasp and feel nervous in your heart. You don’t have heart disease and you are healthy, but just you don’t have sufficient strength to stay on your regular program, and you are lacking sleep. You feel fatigued and tired. Many people suffer the same difficulty as you are experiencing. They always fight against themselves and they stay very late every night. It is not a good, healthy routine. Your muscle tissue grows during your sleep as well as resting.

Overall, building muscle is a challenge for us; we must change our unhealthy life and eating styles if you want a beautiful looking and firm muscle mass. Any bad habits we must give up before we go on a program.