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Muscular ChestYou have your man’s boobs, and you feel embarrassed, and you are unable to show off your upper body when you attend a social event. And you are looking for a best and fast way to turn your boobs into muscle mass. Do you know once you change your unhealthy diet to a healthy diet routine and go on a healthy exercise routine, and you keep doing them, the likelihood of shedding off excessive fat and building muscular chest is very possible. Here are some tips you can follow to get this goal realized.

First all let me introduce how to build your healthy diet routine

balanced dietIf you have excessive fat all over your body, it is easy to grow fat on your boobs as well. So you have to have a balanced diet so as to obtain as few fat daily as possible. In order to remain in this healthy diet, you can either visit your nutritionist or design a diet based on your eating habit yourself. Regardless of who design your diet for you, at least veggies and fruits in your daily food intake are a must.

Don’t eat too much deep fried food because the food contain too much oil, although nowadays, the types of cooking oil in market are also marked unsaturated fat and low cholesterol, however those elements in some ways still keep you overweighted. Regardless of what are said on those labels, reduce the amount of those elements intake, you will not risk your health, and in the meantime, your body digest and consume the remaining fat in your body but no more fat is added. In this way, you clean up the excessive fat and keep your body in a well-balanced and healthy condition. Day by day, you will lose weight, and the fat on your man boobs will also be reduced in the amount.

outdoor exercises Apart from diet routine, you should also consider to take on some outdoor exercises daily to burn fat. Those exercises include jogging, cycling, swimming and bush walking. You can pick two of them and do them on a daily basis. Those exercises are not expensive and don’t require any extra equipment. Take jogging as an example, and you can jog at where you live after work for an hour every day. When you sweat, your body is burning the excessive fat. After jogging, you can take a shower but don’t eat immediately. You can have an hour rest then eat some fruits and veggie salad as your dinner. Don’t too much carbonated food, such as rice, noodles and spaghetti. You can drink a cup of skimmed milk to get energy, but not food containing sugar.

Besides jogging, you can go swimming. If you feel embarrassed to show your upper body, you can wear a suit to cover your boobs to be visible. Swim 45 minutes a day, twice a week, this routine will keep your body look in a good shape. All those exercises will train your body and turn fatty body into a muscular shape, especially on your chest, and you will see a magnificent change on your boobs. The fat amount is reduced, and instead you see muscle mass built on.

Losing man’s boobs and build muscle mass is not a hard job if you can persistently and continuously go on a healthy diet as well as an exercise routine, your goal of becoming a muscular man is just one step away. Keep trying, you will get there sooner or later.