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TreadmillUsing a treadmill has the advantage of an inside environment for an outside activity, but it’s easy to get weary of seeing the same scenery and doing the same workout day after day. The treadmill doesn’t have to seem like you’re going nowhere fast, or chasing that dangling carrot. There are plenty of ways to ramp up your treadmill workout to help you make the most of your time and results. When you feel it’s becoming too easy, it’s time to increase the intensity and change your method to train harder.

Train for a marathon

Training for a marathon is a good way to build endurance and make the workout fun by alternating your pace. To do this, start with a five-minute warm-up, then go into a two-minute jog or run. Slow it down again with a one-minute power walk, and then go back to a run. Once you’ve gotten this routine under your belt, continue to increase your time and speed. The alternation helps to keep you in tune with your workout.

Increase your speed and shorten your time

Constantly make an effort to go more in depth with your training than you have before. It will prevent your body from adapting to the same method, increase your endurance, and strengthen you physically and mentally. Make a goal to reach a certain amount of miles in a certain amount of time, for example, a goal of running a mile in 10 minutes.

Take advantage of warm muscles

You’re not stuck on the treadmill just because you’re using it to exercise. Make use of your warm muscles and do sets of squats, jumping jacks, push-ups, or burpees every five to ten minutes. It’s also a good time to stretch.

Take advantage of interval training

Using the treadmill as a flat surface is okay to start, but when you think about it, it’s not the design of most trails or outside spaces. Changing your incline will make the treadmill more of a challenge. Alternate the incline to make your run as realistic as an outside trail. Updated treadmills have a variety of options for interval training that automatically adjusts the incline while you workout.

Use additional movement to tone your arms and increase intensity

The treadmill is so concentrated on the lower body, that it’s easy to forget about the upper body, especially the arms. Moving your arms at a faster pace or using boxing moves will increase the momentum of your legs, and change your focus from the timer to the exercise.

The key to boosting your performance on the treadmill is continually setting goals to increase your intensity, speed, interval, and time.