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Muscle cramps are awful. Tightness in the muscles keeps you from enjoying what’s truly important in life, and can mess up even a light day on your feet. Muscle rollers can help prevent these cramps from forming – or from getting as bad as they usually do.

One of the best muscle rollers is from Elite Sportz Equipment. This particular muscle roller is made of plastic and has divots in the rollers. There is a metal medical bar in the center to keep it from flexing. It is a rather short stick, measuring 18.2 inches by 1.4 inches by 1.4 inches. However, doing it yourself or having someone else roll it over your muscles helps quite well.

Fitness Answered Training Products also sells a massage roller. Similar in design to the one from Elite Sportz, there is one difference to note. This massage roller has individual beads that move up and down slightly on the inner steel bar to conform to the muscle that is being rolled. There are various colors: purple, red, blue, and green to start. At about 18 inches long, the majority of it is the roller beads. Four inches or so on each side is occupied by the handle.

Master of Muscle offers one that the company has nicknamed “the Muscle Mauler”. It measures 13 inches long, so could be a little too short for some. However, the rolling stick has raised nubs that some have described as feeling like thumb tips in the back – in a good way. The size is good for those on the go, as it is designed to fit in a bag.

The Stick sells a travel stick that measures 17.5 inches long. This massage stick is made of PVC plastic for the rollers and foam for the handle. It is able to flex well, which allows for a lighter message. A deeper message is not able to be achieved with this stick. However, it has plenty of space to keep it rolling for years with proper care.

Product Stop, Inc. also sells a muscle roller stick. This stick has no give unless you use quite a bit of pressure, but it gives a deep message that helps to relieve the tightness and pain that can be felt after workouts. The seller suggests 20 passes on the tight muscles during a use to help relieve pain. Much like other sticks, it has individual rollers to help get a good message.

Product Stop, Inc. sells more than a simple muscle roller. They also sell a professional grade two in one design. It has a foam roller and a stiffer muscle roller wand. The stiffer wand is much like the muscle roller stick mentioned above. The foam one is 13 inches long and six inches wide – long enough to use but short enough to be traveled with. The softer foam is meant to help with softer knots or for the back. The wand roller is for tighter knots and areas where you want to hit a smaller range of muscles.

Trigger Point Performance offers a foam roller. Foam needs to be used on the floor, but the grid design offers a variety of pressure point hits. This particular model can take up to 500 pounds of weight, and has four color options to choose from. The orange is the lightest foam choice, while the black with red inner circle is the firmest foam. There are three different sizes to pick from, and each has their own advantages.

Supremus Sports offers a massage tool for myofascial trigger points. At 18 inches long, it’s travel sized. This is a stiffer stick for deeper message abilities, and it can help increase circulation and reduce stiffness. A follow up email includes instructions for use. Though it is plastic, it is a high quality plastic. The rollers have spaces between, and leg hair does get caught every now and then. However, the stick preforms as well as more expensive models.

Product Stop, Inc. makes a flexible muscle roller as well. This one is knobbed and has handles for the messages, like the stiffer models available from this brand. The roller gives to the sides and flexes so that it conforms to the muscles that need it the most. As it is just over 18 inches long, it is meant to fit in a gym bag and be on hand wherever you go.

Swift offers a muscle roller stick that is made with a stiff inner core. This allows the stick to get in and hit the area easily. It is meant to give a deeper message, and loosens tighter muscles so that you can go back to working hard.

Whether suffering from cramps or from a condition that makes it difficult to move, a muscle roller offers relief fast.