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Ready to get in shape and drop those unwanted pounds? Looking for something extra to compliment your daily workout regimen? If muscle sculpting and toning are the next steps toward your fitness goals the Xmark 12 adjustable ab bench is just what you need.

Ergonomically Sound

Ergonomically positioned and designed for over all body comfort the Xmark 12 ensures your legs and body are correctly positioned during your work out to prevent injury. The bench provides ample comfort being lightly padded yet firm enough to support your back. Suitable for any height or weight the Xmark reviews include positive feedback from people over 6 feet tall and in weight ranging up to 300 pounds.

Easy To Assemble

Arriving securely protected but with minimal packaging the set up process is simple and straightforward. All of the tools and materials needed for assembly are included in the package making it easy and convenient. Complete with a user friendly instruction manual most customers have had their bench up and working in 10 minutes or less.

Fully Adjustable

A key component to any good ab workout is the the ability to lessen or increase the intensity of your ab rolls or curls. The Xmark being fully adjustable allows the customer to determine the level of resistance and intensity for their individual workout by simply adjusting the positioning of the bench. This feature lets you focus on different sections of your abs. It is suitable for all levels of ability and also allows for future development and exercise goals.

Sturdy and Solid Construction

The perfect at home work out bench the Xmark is only slightly lighter than the commercial version you use at the gym. The solid frame and design ensure it stays put during use. It’s sturdy enough for even the most grueling workouts with customer reviews touting it so solid that it feels as solid as if it were bolted to the floor.

Save Time and Money

No more having to run to the gym to ensure you maintain your level of dedication to your perfect abs. On those busy days when time is short the Xmark is the perfect solution. Save your time and gas by taking advantage of your new home work out bench. With outstanding reviews, the only complaint to be found is that the plastic ends have occasionally fallen off which select reviews state can be fixed with a simple household adhesive. The Xmark offers everything you need to get gym quality results from the comfort of your own home.