Do You Burn More Calories In The Cold?Burning extra calories is something almost everyone looks for when they workout. It has a dream effect of making you lose just that one extra pound you really want off. Working out in the cold however, may not be worth the effort.

Working out in the cold forces your body to have to work just a little bit harder to heat up and reach the point that it’s happy with for your workout. It will also most likely end your sweating since your body only sweats to reduce temperature. What it won’t do is burn a ton of extra calories. You may burn just a few more off, but it won’t be enough to make too huge of a difference. This is because it doesn’t take a whole lot for your body to reach the desired temperature when you are already pushing it to meet that temperature. Rather than freezing yourself add higher resistance things such as higher weights or if it’s already cold working out in the snow.

Being in cold to the point of shivering can burn off extra calories so while working out in the cold may not be too effective you will naturally burn off more calories in the cold at other times. The cold helps your body to recover faster so after a workout is a great time to venture out into the snow and find yourself in a freezing environment. Getting your muscles to recover more quickly will help to build them giving you that great toned look you likely want. It may also be a good idea to do your warm up for your workout in the cold climates. This is the time where your body is trying to get itself acclimated to the proper temperature for the workout and is the time where cold air will have the highest effect on you causing your body to have to work just that much harder to fend off its natural temperature and the cold as well.

The cold may not be your end all cure to extra calorie intake during the holiday season but it can be a slight bit of help. It essentially comes down to whether its worth it to you or not to freeze yourself for that 100 extra calories you might shave off however it simply can’t be recommended as an idea that seems like it will really be that effective.

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