How to burn belly fat and build muscle for menBelly fat can be an embarrassing and troubling for a man because they feel less confident in themselves. Nowadays, many men don’t take care of their healthy diet and eat what they like and eventually, they grow their belly like a ball. When they turn 40 or 50, this overweight condition develops other diseases such as heart disease, high blood pressure and diabetes. If they could make a few changes in their eating and life style, or take on some healthy exercise to shed off excessive fat on their belly and build strength and grow muscles, it would be a pleasurable and encouraging experience.

What can you do to achieve this goal? You can either consult your physician to design a customize program or simply follow those steps. Whichever way you consider, you still need to consult your physician to see if those steps are suitable for you so as to avoid any risks to your health.

Reduce eating fat rich foods

You are required to reduce eating fat rich foods like carbohydrate foods, such as pasta, refined flour, rice and all kinds of junk food, such as munches chips. Those foods can only cause your stomach to bloat, they are very hard to be digested in your stomach as a result they are converted into fat and stored in your belly rather being burned off. And you will see your belly expanding bigger and bigger like a blown-up balloon.

Stop drinking beer

Many men are keen on drinking beer, every night they drink one or two bottles. Beer contains alcohol calories. According to some studies, a typical beer has 150 calories. If you drink it every day, your body will be overloaded with extra calories. However your body will burn calories instead of fat and fat coming from other foods will be stored in your belly, legs, and arms and everywhere in your body. Day by day, you gain a balloon belly; it is attributed to your beer drinking habit. Stop drinking beer, instead you can drink a certain amount of water to keep your body hydrated and stay healthy.

Build a healthy exercise routine

You can consult your physician or fitness instructor to design a well-balanced exercise routine to shed off your excessive belly fat. You should setup your exercise as a regular routine. You can swim, jog, walk, cycle and do push-ups and sit-ups at home. All sorts of either outdoor or indoor exercise will speed up losing fat and build muscles all over your body. The routine requires you to build your persistency and consistency characteristics. Once you stay on the routine, your life style will be well-balanced and your body will follow this trend to develop and grow muscles instead of fat.

A regular sleep routine.

Whomever you consult with about your exercise routine, you will be advised to stay on a regular sleep routine as well. When you are short of sleep, your body easily becomes tired, you don’t have any strength to go on your exercise routine, you become lazy and sleepy. A regular sleep routine also assists you to build vigorous strength.

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