Muscle Building Diet


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Build More MuscleThe myth of No Pain, No Gain

Yes Virginia, it is a myth that you have to have pain in order to build your muscles. In fact, to build muscle you don’t really have to do much according to experts. Simply changing your diet and targeting the muscles you want to build with a series of repeated exercises seem to be the ticket. So how do you go about building up your muscles?


While it seems counter-productive to claim that eating will help you build muscles and not fat, many dieticians claim that it is true. You can eat a diet that, when combined with an appropriate exercise routine, will give you an increase in your muscle mass. How can you do this? Well, let’s take a look at what muscles need to be able to function. They need carbohydrates and protein to be able to grow. But that doesn’t mean to overload your diet with carbs and proteins. In fact, the experts say that a balanced diet that includes small amounts of these muscle building compounds is better than just a diet of carbohydrates and proteins alone.

Going Up

Most people will tell you that to build your muscles you have to lift weights slowly. However, that’s not the case. Many experts agree that a series of rapid upwards movements followed by slow and controlled downwards movements are the best way to build up muscles. It forces the muscles to contract and release in controlled sequences and makes the muscle build up more in order to handle the exercise that is being done.


This may actually be more myth than fact in building muscles. In fact, stretching increases flexibility more than aiding in building muscles. Many experts say that a slow and steady warm-up is better than stretching as it allows the entire body to increase blood flow and prepare for a healthy exercise routine. So unless you are wanting to increase your flexibility as well as muscle mass, just do a simple warm up and you’ll be fine.

Free Weights or Machines

Many people will say that the best way to build muscles is to find a series of machine exercises you can do in a work out session. Sounds good right? Well if you are just starting out then this is very true for you. However, many experts say that with building muscles, the best thing to use is a free weight because it mimics natural movements better than machines.

Muscular ChestYou have your man’s boobs, and you feel embarrassed, and you are unable to show off your upper body when you attend a social event. And you are looking for a best and fast way to turn your boobs into muscle mass. Do you know once you change your unhealthy diet to a healthy diet routine and go on a healthy exercise routine, and you keep doing them, the likelihood of shedding off excessive fat and building muscular chest is very possible. Here are some tips you can follow to get this goal realized.

First all let me introduce how to build your healthy diet routine

balanced dietIf you have excessive fat all over your body, it is easy to grow fat on your boobs as well. So you have to have a balanced diet so as to obtain as few fat daily as possible. In order to remain in this healthy diet, you can either visit your nutritionist or design a diet based on your eating habit yourself. Regardless of who design your diet for you, at least veggies and fruits in your daily food intake are a must.

Don’t eat too much deep fried food because the food contain too much oil, although nowadays, the types of cooking oil in market are also marked unsaturated fat and low cholesterol, however those elements in some ways still keep you overweighted. Regardless of what are said on those labels, reduce the amount of those elements intake, you will not risk your health, and in the meantime, your body digest and consume the remaining fat in your body but no more fat is added. In this way, you clean up the excessive fat and keep your body in a well-balanced and healthy condition. Day by day, you will lose weight, and the fat on your man boobs will also be reduced in the amount.

outdoor exercises Apart from diet routine, you should also consider to take on some outdoor exercises daily to burn fat. Those exercises include jogging, cycling, swimming and bush walking. You can pick two of them and do them on a daily basis. Those exercises are not expensive and don’t require any extra equipment. Take jogging as an example, and you can jog at where you live after work for an hour every day. When you sweat, your body is burning the excessive fat. After jogging, you can take a shower but don’t eat immediately. You can have an hour rest then eat some fruits and veggie salad as your dinner. Don’t too much carbonated food, such as rice, noodles and spaghetti. You can drink a cup of skimmed milk to get energy, but not food containing sugar.

Besides jogging, you can go swimming. If you feel embarrassed to show your upper body, you can wear a suit to cover your boobs to be visible. Swim 45 minutes a day, twice a week, this routine will keep your body look in a good shape. All those exercises will train your body and turn fatty body into a muscular shape, especially on your chest, and you will see a magnificent change on your boobs. The fat amount is reduced, and instead you see muscle mass built on.

Losing man’s boobs and build muscle mass is not a hard job if you can persistently and continuously go on a healthy diet as well as an exercise routine, your goal of becoming a muscular man is just one step away. Keep trying, you will get there sooner or later.

How to burn belly fat and build muscle for menBelly fat can be an embarrassing and troubling for a man because they feel less confident in themselves. Nowadays, many men don’t take care of their healthy diet and eat what they like and eventually, they grow their belly like a ball. When they turn 40 or 50, this overweight condition develops other diseases such as heart disease, high blood pressure and diabetes. If they could make a few changes in their eating and life style, or take on some healthy exercise to shed off excessive fat on their belly and build strength and grow muscles, it would be a pleasurable and encouraging experience.

What can you do to achieve this goal? You can either consult your physician to design a customize program or simply follow those steps. Whichever way you consider, you still need to consult your physician to see if those steps are suitable for you so as to avoid any risks to your health.

Reduce eating fat rich foods

You are required to reduce eating fat rich foods like carbohydrate foods, such as pasta, refined flour, rice and all kinds of junk food, such as munches chips. Those foods can only cause your stomach to bloat, they are very hard to be digested in your stomach as a result they are converted into fat and stored in your belly rather being burned off. And you will see your belly expanding bigger and bigger like a blown-up balloon.

Stop drinking beer

Many men are keen on drinking beer, every night they drink one or two bottles. Beer contains alcohol calories. According to some studies, a typical beer has 150 calories. If you drink it every day, your body will be overloaded with extra calories. However your body will burn calories instead of fat and fat coming from other foods will be stored in your belly, legs, and arms and everywhere in your body. Day by day, you gain a balloon belly; it is attributed to your beer drinking habit. Stop drinking beer, instead you can drink a certain amount of water to keep your body hydrated and stay healthy.

Build a healthy exercise routine

You can consult your physician or fitness instructor to design a well-balanced exercise routine to shed off your excessive belly fat. You should setup your exercise as a regular routine. You can swim, jog, walk, cycle and do push-ups and sit-ups at home. All sorts of either outdoor or indoor exercise will speed up losing fat and build muscles all over your body. The routine requires you to build your persistency and consistency characteristics. Once you stay on the routine, your life style will be well-balanced and your body will follow this trend to develop and grow muscles instead of fat.

A regular sleep routine.

Whomever you consult with about your exercise routine, you will be advised to stay on a regular sleep routine as well. When you are short of sleep, your body easily becomes tired, you don’t have any strength to go on your exercise routine, you become lazy and sleepy. A regular sleep routine also assists you to build vigorous strength.

Muscle Mass BuildingYou benefit from you muscle building in ways such as your increased strength, resistance to any kind of injuries as well as a higher metabolism. However sometimes, despite you staying with your diligent training program, the progress is not obvious and comes to a halt. And you often feel tired and fatigued. You just don’t know how to conquer those difficulties. But you still see your strength is growing as well as your muscles are developing, and you are in a plateau in muscle building. The problem is just your concerns that the progress is too slow.

How to conquer those difficulties so as to increase the amount of muscle mass? Here is a list of the relevant knowledge you could think about to change or improve your program.

Your diet plan

Your muscles require a sufficient amount of nutrients to build strength. Do you have a well-balanced diet plan? How many meals do you eat per day? What about your breakfast? Do you skip it? A poor diet is a chief culprit. You need to eat frequently, but not junk food. You need to add the following ingredients to your daily diet plan.

Lean meats – chicken, beef and lamb for example. They give you sufficient protein because muscle mass requires them to grow muscle tissue. If you don’t eat the lean meats enough, your muscles are lacking nutrients and the growth will be affected and will slow down.

In the meantime, you also need to eat foods containing starch carbohydrates such as pasta, brown rice and spaghetti so as to gain enough calories per day.


Although muscle building really takes time, you can’t overtrain your muscles. The overtraining behaviour only plays a negative effect on your muscles and you might hurt your muscle tissue. If it really occurs, you have to take an interval training routine to give your muscles a break to recover.

Do you sometimes feel dehydrated?

You need to develop a habit to drink a certain amount of water to add the lost fluid back into your body. Because when you do weight lifting exercises at the gym, your body is sweating and all toxins are being flushed out of your body. In order to keep your body hydrated, you must drink water. The toxins will be continuously flushed out of your body, such as excessive fat via your sweating. Water also keeps your skin, the protector outside your muscles, protecting your muscles. And your muscles look firm and solid.

A poor sleep routine also affects your muscle building progress

Did you know that your lack of sleep also affects your muscle building? When you do a muscle building program at the gym, you always stop and rest; you can’t manage to consistently continue your program, you always gasp and feel nervous in your heart. You don’t have heart disease and you are healthy, but just you don’t have sufficient strength to stay on your regular program, and you are lacking sleep. You feel fatigued and tired. Many people suffer the same difficulty as you are experiencing. They always fight against themselves and they stay very late every night. It is not a good, healthy routine. Your muscle tissue grows during your sleep as well as resting.

Overall, building muscle is a challenge for us; we must change our unhealthy life and eating styles if you want a beautiful looking and firm muscle mass. Any bad habits we must give up before we go on a program.